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Monday, June 06, 2005

May Reboot

On the last day of May we re-launched the TRON website. A few times a year TRON requires a few small text changes to their site which we are always happy to do as part of our ongoing service. Although this time TRON requested an update to a few images on the site, the main one been their logo. Unfortunately they only had an image of their logo on a white background which would not sit well on the website which had a black background. Rather than messing around to try and get the logo looking good on the black background, it was suggested that we update the site with a white background. After a quick mock and approval from TRON's director the site was inverted to good old black text on a white background. Feedback so far from TRON's regular visitors have all been positive, and we agree!

TRON Financial Services provides a variety of financial services from financial planning and investment advice to home loans and life insurance. Tron prides itself in showing people how to Make, Protect, and Preserve wealth.