A history log of milestones accomplished by Western Sydney based web development business; RMW Web Publishing.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sponsorship Proposal

Recently RMW Web Publishing was given the opportunity to partner with a upcoming Sprint car team: FastTorque. The teams driver (Peter Blake) and PR manager were after a simple and affordable way to distribute a sponsorship proposal. RMW quickly created an interactive CD-ROM showcasing what exposure the team can offer. We created a simple Flash stage that pulls in content from text files which allowing for very easy updates to the content. By using SimpleViewer we were able to provide a gallery that can be easily maintained while keep the cost and development time down.

A CD-ROM has many benefits over a traditional glossy brochure proposal:

  • can enhance the mood/experience (the presentation includes "pit shop" sounds)
  • is easier to store and carry around (at the speedway you don't want to carry something large and heavy around)
  • very cheap to reproduce (blank CD's are available for 30 cents)
  • is something different (will help get you noticed)
  • is very easy to update and does not require expensive software (a simple text file verses an Adobe Illustrator document)

We wish FastTorque the best with seeking a sponsor and look forward to working with them again soon.