A history log of milestones accomplished by Western Sydney based web development business; RMW Web Publishing.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mainland Building Solutions

Early this week (Monday evening) we launched a new look for Mainland Building Solutions. Not only did the look of the site change but the staff at Mainland now have the ability to easily change the content of the sites page, and new pages, at anytime through an easy to use WYSIWYG interface.

The new site is built using the latest Web Standards and clever client-side scripts to enhance the design of the site. The practise of unobtrusive DOM scripting and semantic markup progressively enhances the usability of the site while not restricting browsers that do use Javascript. Scroll up and down on the site to see the navigation follow your viewport allows you to quickly jump to a different page in the site. A modified version of the Sidebar Slider makes this possible. Something a little less obvious is that the three columns of the site are of equal height. This is achieved by using Projectseven.com's PVII Equal Height CSS Columns script. The front page features a fading photo side-show script created by Steven Chipman. We also added our own script to resize the width of the site dependent on the size of the browser window to present the main content better at any screen size. We would like to thank all the script developers for making these additions well documented and freely available.

The site is hosted here in Australia on our new hosting platform that shows real-time tracking of visitors and statistics on which search engine keywords people are using to find the site. To assist in direct traffic mainlandbuildingsolutions.com.au, mainlandbuildingsolutions.net.au also point to the site.

RMW Web Publishing has enjoyed working with Mainland on this project and hopes to continually develop the site to suit the need of their business.

Mainland Building Solutions is a quality building company operated by professionals who focus on providing quality products and services on time and within budget. Mainland Building Solutions specialise in all facets of the remedial repair industry whose operations are supported by a highly credentialed and experienced team.