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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kurrajong Rural Fire Bridage - updated

Over the weekend we released major updates to the Kurrajong RFS website. Following is the release news article the site:

To coincide with our 60th Anniversary celebrations the KurrajongRFS.org.au had a major overhaul. The site is no-longer a standard blue Blog template, it now has it's own unique look and feel. The site also now has 3 columns (if your screen is wide enough) to show you more information without scrolling. The calendar is now larger making it easier to read and pictures submitted by members are now pulled in to the homepage and other sections of the site.

Along with the regular news updates, sections have been added where information about specific areas can be kept. A section on Kurrajong Village aims to become a good source of information about all things Kurrajong. The Kurrajong Rural Fire Service section will hold information about the brigade, while the About this site section instructs members how they can use the site and contribute to it's contents.

We encourage all members (past and active) to check the site regularly to keep informed of the brigades activities and help expand our online community.

We hope the members of the bridage enjoy their new site and look forward to expanding it with them.