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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Instant popularity

On the eve of the Apple iPhone release in America, I stayed up in the early hours of the morning working on an idea to help fellow web developers customise sites to work well on the massively hyped up iPod/phone device. After a few hours of coding, testing, setting up a domain and hosting and submission to a few search engines and social networking sites I thought my site would go unnoticed in the sea of iPhone related hype. Not so…

Within 2 days Google had trawled the new site and ranked it at number 2 for a search on "iphone tester" (currently #1) and many more sites had started linking to it. The site does not serve much purpose to anyone who isn't a website tester/developer, but it was enjoyable to make and very interesting to watch to see which sites appear in the referral logs.

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